About: greneIT

Doing IT Green, doing IT Right

greneIT is a sustainable, customizable, solution focused managed cloud services company. We work remotely across Canada, UK, Sweden and India to provide solutions to our customers. greneIT services increase our customers’ operational efficiency while decreasing the environmental impact of the technology they use. Deeply committed to sustainability, we plant trees with every purchase and contract renewal.

Our global servers run on renewable energy; they counterbalance the CO2 generated by the devices that browse the greneIT website. This is cleverly done by tracking the website usage and then sending the statistics to a server. When the CO2 consumption reaches a certain threshold, we plant trees to offset it.

greneIT works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to increases the efficiency of their operations while at the same time decreasing environmental impacts. We provide support to our customers’ teams whether they are working in the office or remotely, so there is no disruption of the IT solution they rely on for work.

Our Values

  1. Sustainability: We believe in the preservation of the environment. Our products and services are selected because they have the least impact on the environment and yet offer competitive solutions.
  2. Ethical business practices: We provide services that assist our clients’ IT operations to be more environmentally friendly, and to reduce their carbon footprint.
  3. Flexibility: We design services that address the unique needs of our clients’ businesses.
  4. Accessibility: We offer IT that is friendly, accessible and understandable for users. In addition to providing customised solutions, we want to ensure that our clients’ employees are able to easily use the company’s IT.


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