Doing IT Green, doing IT Right!

Grene IT offers everything you will ever need to establish yourself online. We specialise in providing you with managed open source solutions. Apart from this, we also provide bespoke cloud application development, networking and other infrastructure services. Grene IT is very conscious of the above and therefore we place high importance on using IT in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. We always promote the use of IT services and products which are energy efficient and have the least negative impact on our environment and whenever you buy a service from us we plant trees for you. We give you the freedom from technological stress and making the our earth a better place.

… and here’s how it all started.

My name is Joseph although my family and friends call me by my (preferred) middle name: Robin. I grew up in rural India, in an Anglo-Indian home and although my first language was English, most people outside our home spoke Hindi and found such an English name hard to pronounce!

The FarmGrowing Up

I grew up on a farm in Northern India in a large extended family and was often looked after by my grandparents when my mother was teaching and my father was working on the farm. The farm was in the foothills of the Himalaya, a stunningly beautiful place that gave me a deep love for nature and the great outdoors. The rhythm of life there is governed by the seasons; we trod lightly on the land and lived sustainably. When not at school, I would often be out riding my bike around the farm or the surrounding forest, with my faithful dogs always in attendance, and I also loved watching my Dad overhaul tractors and fix things himself. I was then, and am still today very interested in technology and knowing how things work.

Commodore 64New Interests

Watching the ingenuity of my father and our neighbours who could all repair seemingly almost anything, or fashion something from bits and pieces, improvising as and when the need arose, inspired me to have a go myself. So by the age of nine I had begun building my own model cars from scratch using any materials that I could find lying around the farm – bits of metal, old lids, motors from old cassette players etc … all went in to making various model cars, including an electric model.

When I was twelve computing was introduced as a subject at my secondary school – I was set loose on a commodore 64 with ‘basic’ and ‘pascal’ as the programming languages. This opened up a whole new world to me and sparked an interest in IT which is still with me today. By 18 Years old my Dad bought me an x86 with a mono monitor and running Win 32!

Real World Applications

By the age of twenty I’d graduated from the Indian National Institute of Information Technology with a BA in Systems Management and Software Technology, and driven by our lack of internet at home I also taught myself HTML and system admin and C++ I then began making websites for friends and business acquaintances as a freelance web designer, thus kick starting my career in the IT industry.

After just a year of living and working in New Delhi I was itching to do something different and so I went to work for a charity organisation back in rural India (Assemblies of God Church School) as Head of IT before being promoted to IT Director. My work included systems/network engineer and ICT educator, but after travelling to the UK in 2008 and meeting the woman who is now my wife, I had begun to prepare to leave India.

Moving On

I moved to the UK in 2010 and now live happily with my wife and three little girls in South Yorkshire, where following a minimalistic/simplistic lifestyle has become increasingly important to us – growing our own fruits and vegetables and using solar panel energy are just some of the major changes we have made recently. Also in keeping with our desire to live a simpler life I got busy on my biggest DIY project to date – I built a fully working office made mostly out of recycled pallets and wood in our back garden.

However we found ourselves stuck in a rut that we’d always said we’d avoid – I was working to live, supporting my wife in raising our children but with no time to ‘smell the roses’ and so we decided to reassess how we could combine our priorities of family, work-life balance and caring for the environment. This led to me found Grene IT (grene is is Old English version of green) a business that capitalises on my expertise and experience, but does so in a green and environmentally sound way.

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