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Doing IT Green, doing IT Right!

Grene IT offers everything you will ever need to establish yourself online; domain names, webhosting services, web development, SSL certificates and email services. Apart from this, we also provide bespoke cloud application development, networking and other IT hardware requisition, installation and maintainence services.

According to a report by Greenpeace in January 2017 (Clicking Clean): “The energy footprint of the IT sector is already estimated to consume approximately 7% of global electricity. With an anticipated threefold increase in global internet traffic by 2020, the internet’s energy footprint is expected to rise further, fueled both by our individual consumption of data and by the spread of the digital age to more of the world’s population, from 3 billion to over 4 billion globally.”

Grene IT is very conscious of the above and therefore we place high importance on using IT in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. We always promote the use of IT services and products which are energy efficient and have the least negative impact on our environment.

With this is mind our services are located in state-of-the-art data centres in Europe and North America using green energy. We attach great importance to continuity and efficient use of our resources as well as connectivity, uptime and security. We also attach the greatest importance to the safety of your data, which is protected via the Patriot Act.