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Who are we?

Grene IT is a sustainable and ethical IT service provider.

Grene IT endeavours to provide a sustainable approach in developing and implementing IT services and solutions for all small and medium sized businesses. We do this by using energy efficient systems and services which run on renewable energy. Grene IT encourages re-use and re-cycling of IT equipment.

Did you know that: “The internet industry emissions are currently level with aviation traffic but the consumption at data centres is expected to double by 2025, producing more emissions than air transport.” ? If this raises a concern, please take a moment to assess how sustainable is your IT or contact us.

Why choose us?


Our products and services are chosen to have the least negative impact on our enviroment. We also plant trees for every service or product you buy from us.

Customers first

Our customers are our priority and all are services and products are designed around your needs.


We use the latest technology and we strive to provide you with a future proof solution in this fast changing world of IT.

So how can we help you?

We provide you with a custom solution which involves consultation, development, installation and maintenance services


With ever changing technology it is inevitable that every organisation needs a guiding hand. With over 20 years of experience in various IT sectors, we can provide you with the right support.


We also provide in-house bespoke (website, application, app) development. We can create a solution for all your needs as per your requirements.


We offer cloud hosted as well as on-premise computing or networking installations. All our installations are done keeping the environment and ethics in mind.


Whatever product, service or solution you have we can provide you with an ongoing maintenance contract for it.

We also provide a range of solutions, which align with GreneIT’s ethos.

Online Collaboration

Have you ever thought who owns your files and photos which you store on cloud? Welcome, to our ethical and sustainable online collaboration platform where you have full control over your data.

Sustainable Hosting

We offer cloud hosting as well and VPS which are served from our carbon neutral data centres located in the UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. All our data centres use renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

Secure Email

We offer high performance email hosting which Includes Weapons-Grade anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard. We have also added a new layer to our email filtering engine, that targets the rising threat of Snowshoe Spam.


We have vast experience in the design and installation for networking solutions. Our networking solutions use products which have the minimum co2 emissions. Depending on your requirement, we can install a wireless, hard-wired or a hybrid network solution.

The best thing about all this is...


… that we plant trees for every service or product you buy from us. We also compensate for all the CO2 emitted by the clients connecting to our services.


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