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greneIT services increase efficiency and boost business growth.

Who are we?

Grene IT is a sustainable and ethical IT service provider.

The internet industry emissions are currently level with aviation traffic emissions. However, consumption at data centres is expected to double by 2025, producing more emissions than air transport!

greneIT helps small businesses meet their business needs by providing tailored IT services and solutions, and does this with speed and efficiency. We are invested in customer growth, and to bringing them closer to becoming carbon neutral. Our energy efficient systems and services run on renewable energy.

Why Choose us?

Stress free IT solutions for you & more trees for our earth.

Customized Services

All services and products are designed around our customers’ needs. We know that the needs of small businesses vary, so we tailor our services to provide the best solutions to meet your needs.


Our products and services have been carefully selected to ensure they have the least impact on our environment. To further compensate for CO2 emitted by connecting to our services, we plant trees for every service and product you buy.

Increased Efficiency

We ensure that you have the tools, infrastructure and support needed to increase growth and efficiency. We provide the IT solutions you need so that your team functions more efficiently – whether they’re working from home or from the office.

What WE Do

How Can We Help You?

Sustainability Assessment

How sustainable and ethical is your technology stack? We can conduct an assessment and provide recommendations on how you can use more environmentally friendly technology. We can also ensure that you website meets the necessary requirements, so you can display the CO2 Neutral Website badge and showcase your commitment to sustainability.


We provide in-house bespoke website, application, app development. We create solutions based on the unique needs of your business.


We provide the guidance small businesses need to navigate through the ever evolving technological landscape. We have over 20 years of experience in various IT sectors and can provide you with the right support.

Cloud Solutions

We offer managed cloud solutions which are served via our sustainable data centres.

The best thing about all this is...


… that we plant trees for every service or product you buy from us. We also compensate for all the CO2 emitted by the clients connecting to our services.


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